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It only seems appropriate that we should say something about the Sacramental Priesthood this weekend.  The following excerpts are from an article written by the highly-respected Jesuit theologian, Father John A. Hardon.  He writes:


“What is the Catholic Priesthood?  It is, first of all, a divinely-instituted sacrament that Christ Himself instituted at the Last Supper.  The Catholic priesthood is a [permanent] state of life, a sacrament that imprints an indelible character, a special divine vocation.


The priesthood is not an occupation; it is not a job; it is not an employment.  It is not even a profession.  It is the most sublime vocation to which God can call man.  And those who respond and are ordained remain priests forever, no matter what may happen to their mind or body or even their souls.


What is the Catholic Priesthood?  It is that institution which is absolutely necessary for Christianity.  Without the priesthood, there would be no Christianity left on earth.  Remove the priesthood and you remove the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist in the world. Remove the priesthood and you remove the Sacrifice of the Mass in the world. 


Remove the priesthood and you remove Holy Communion from the world.  Remove the priesthood and you remove the Sacrament of Reconciliation from a very sinful world.  Remove the priesthood and you remove the Sacrament of Anointing from the world. 


Remove the priesthood and you remove the divinely assured teaching of God’s revealed truth from the world. 


Once more we ask, What is the Catholic Priesthood?  Our final answer is that it is the ministry of Christ continued on earth.


Those who are priests are, in the profoundest sense of the word, continuing the work of Christ on earth.  Jesus told the apostles and those who would be ordained [that] what He began, they were to carry on.


What Almighty God has entrusted to weak vessels of clay!  The mystery of the priest-hood is that God should have endowed weak human beings with so much power.


But it is precisely because of Christ’s giving so much to such little people that those who are not priests should beg daily the Living God to strengthen this weakness in His priests so that they might be—I don’t say worthy of the office; no one is worthy of the priesthood—but that they might not impede the work of the Master who wants to save the world through them.


The devil knows that without the priesthood there cannot be Christianity left on earth.  As the priesthood goes, so goes the Church. Pray that we [priests] may not impede the work of salvation He has put into our most unworthy but priestly hands. 
































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AS THANKSGIVING DAY DRAWS NEAR, the OLPH Parish Family will again join with Catholic Social Services in ministry to the hungry poor in our area.  Our Parish response over the years has been heartwarming.  May God see your generosity again this year and reward you in abundance.


Over the next four weekends, we will be collecting these non-perishable food items for the local food pantries associated with our Diocesan Catholic Social Services.  To help as we visit the supermarket, here is the list of suggested items: 


  • October 20-21: peanut butter, jelly
  • October 27-28: cereal, pasta, rice, pancake mix
  • November 4-5: canned vegetables and fruit
  • November 11-12: canned pasta sauce, soup, tuna.

…Please, nothing in glass, and nothing past date.  Kindly leave these items in the baskets in the church vestibule when you come to Mass. 


THE 2022 MASS BOOK is now open for scheduling Masses for your particular intentions.  If you already know of special dates, e.g., anniversaries of death, birthdays, etc., it is advisable to schedule such Masses well in advance to avoid disappointment.  Simply stop by at the parish office at your convenience.


CHOOSE LIFE!…There are now countless studies demonstrating that adult stem cells are far superior in practice to stem cells taken from embryonic human beings. When it comes to making a differ-ence in people’s lives, adult stem cells are the gold standard.  A recent breakthrough came in the treatment of multiple sclerosis, where using the patient’s own adult stem cells “gave a wheelchair-bound woman her life back” without the possibility of transplant rejection.—National Right to Life News


THURSDAY EVENING BINGO here, beginning at 6:45, is an inexpensive and enjoyable way to spend  some relaxing time with friends.  With the increased attendance we are experiencing, any hours of easy volunteering will always be appreciated.


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